Welcome to the beautiful island of Crete and the spiritual world of ATMA meditation journeys!
From the ancient language of Sanskrit, ATMA is a word that describes the spiritual essence in all creatures, their real innermost essential being, our true Self.
During these day trips, we will voyage to selected sacred places encircled in Cretan nature, known for their special energy fields. There, we will meditate and aim to connect with our true inner self. We use simple techniques in a natural environment where the energy supports our spiritual connection and helps us become mindful. Throughout our journey, we learn to develop an inner silence allowing us to reconnect with our core strengths, focusing our awareness on the present moment, our feelings, thoughts and physical sensations. This will allow us to develop a better understanding and accept ourselves for who, what and where we are at this moment in our lives.
Meditation is a simple and straightforward way to experience the best of life. Everyone can learn to do this. All of us can experience true love and happiness, which is our natural state of being.
We invite you to join us in this remarkable journey

Despina & Dimitris


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"There are no words to describe how grateful I am to have joined Atma Meditation journeys!
I fell in love with the beautiful nature and found myself appreciating life and feeling harmony!
Dimitris and Despina are just adorable! They have the gift of guiding you to this unique journey! Their bright smile will warm your heart and soul!
Thank you for everything!"


—  Marianna

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