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I am Dimitris and I was brought up in Crete, in this island where the light is always plentiful. An island which overflows with health, where sea, mountain and spirit are one.

Deep inside me, I’ve always been in search for happiness and that made me bold in life. While still at a young age, I came to the conclusion that happiness is to be found in real life experiences and not in the mind and therefore my life was full of action.

I studied, travelled a lot, lived in different countries and had many different and interesting professions, but the most important part of my life began when one day, in an era of full maturity, I “fell” into my own body. I started to feel my own heart, I started to listen to my inner being… I realized then that I was standing in front of the biggest door of my life. This deep internal journey started 20 years ago and hasn’t stopped since. It is the journey that connects the spirit with the human experience and brings harmony within the entire existence.

During the last 10 years I have been teaching meditation and Self-realization in a non-structured and non dogmatic way. It is the way of the Self that is connected with life, in a different intelligence than the mind does. Simplicity and truth is a straightforward tool to realize it.

Dimitris Xenakis

I am Kamala a dedicated Yogini and Yoga teacher with Italian roots, born in Switzerland and actively connected to a Yogic lineage – the Saccha lineage. 15 years ago, I discovered Yoga as a vital counterbalance to my analytical and stressful job as a lawyer. Yoga has been part of my life ever since and, over time, this initial tool used for stress-relief turned into a life-changing path.


I quit my job in Switzerland in 2013 and soon after, following my passion and devotion for yoga, as well as in search of deeper understanding, I found myself in India, where I completed my Yoga teacher certificate in 2014. Since then my life has led me to sharing my passion for Yoga as a teacher. I believe that I am first and foremost a student myself and that the shared experience of teaching enriches my own personal practice. My vision is to transmit not only the physical aspects of Yoga, but also its spiritual treasures, particularly emphasizing my love for devotional singing (Kirtan), and the importance of cultivating a greater level of awareness and self-knowledge based on the teachings of the ancient Vedic philosophy.


For the past 5 years I have been following my gipsy heart, living and teaching back and forth in India and Europe. My intention is to build a link between these two cultures: studying and practicing Yoga in its complete and genuine form while in India and sharing the fruits hereafter with my students in Europe.


Since 2017 I became part of a team of yoga instructors in Crete, Greece, teaching 200hr residential Yoga teacher training courses.


Through teaching, I share my passion and love for yoga with joy, gratitude and humility. I believe that true yoga practice happens in our everyday life; that love, presence and mindfulness are way more important than the ability to stretch our legs behind our head. I thus see teaching, as an opportunity to support the sacred journey of personal awakening and transformation.


Kamala Mirella


Yoga Instructor

I am Doris and since I remember myself I have always been interested in the individual and the human body.

My genuine interest in humans led me in attaining a bachelor in psychology. My interest in the human body as well as my personal need for physical expression led me to dance and yoga. Seeking self-knowledge and deeper understanding of the self, I explored and got trained in art therapy and therapy through theater. This led me to alternative natural therapies and into attaining training in bowtech, sotai, reiki and theta healing, giving me a holistic perspective towards the miracle of the human body.  

Yoga has been an important part of my life for the last ten years and I am grateful that I can share this experience with other people. My purpose in teaching and in life, is to give people the appropriate space so that they can express themselves in a therapeutically way for the body and mind being always in alignment with their spirit.

I believe in humans and their unique potential to evolve and thrive spiritually and being happy and healthy. My motto: enjoy nature! enjoy yourself with love and respect!

Doris Maria Anastasiou


Organizer - Facilitator

Hello, I am Despina. I was born in Chania, in this blessed tiny dot of our wonderful planet. I spent many years abroad, but have returned to my roots and settled in Chania, as I wanted to spend my life next to my beloved sea and mountains, under the uniquely bright Cretan sky.

I have studied marketing and management and made a career in industries like banking, property and tourism. I always had a genuine interest in people and I can definitely say that I am people-oriented. I extract great happiness from contributing, even a little bit, into the happiness of others. As long as I remember myself, I have always had a holistic approach towards life and I search for love trough truth.

When my life journey led me to discover Yoga and Meditation, I realized such a life style grants you the opportunity to be freed of a lot of unnecessary suffering and live your life in full. It is amazing how, just by changing your perspective, you can experience a different and more meaningful life.

Today, as part of a family of two kids and two dogs, I feel blissful sharing the merits life has offered me by organizing meditation and yoga retreats. I invite you to a taste of this wonderful journey!

Love & Happiness

Despina Kouraki


Meditation Instructor


Yoga Instructor